Soldiers of Centaurus

Soldiers are the bread and butter of any aspiring General’s army. Hailing from backgrounds as diverse as their skill sets, soldiers fulfill a variety of roles and allow each general to build a squad geared towards a wide variety of tactical possibilities.


For centuries, gladiatorial combat was the premier entertainment throughout the human kingdoms. With the breakdown of social order, tens of thousands of gladiators now find themselves free to sell their services to whatever cause they wish. With a lifetime of martial training within arenas and training camps, these attack focused units are able to devastate enemies in melee combat. Though slowed by a career of lacerations and hastily remedied wounds and possessing only modest armor, their martial prowess and mastery of their weapons allow them to strike twice in the time other soldiers can only make a single strike.

Hailing form backgrounds as varied as former huntsmen, brigands, or archers in the royal armies, Rangers only wear the lightest of armor, allowing them to quickly traverse the map and outmaneuver slower enemies. A master of the bow, once the Ranger finds an ideal location, he can rain down death on enemy soldiers. If backed into a corner, Ranger’s have been known to possess some skill with their short swords, though sustained fighting is not recommended.

Formerly the backbone of the royal armies, these defensive soldiers excel at protecting units and holding ground; tasks they now employ for profit and out of personal loyalty. Though slowed by heavy equipment, their long spears and years of martial drills allow them strike first and often against would-be attackers.

Among all the former human kingdoms, there existed a peculiar and particularly ascetic set of individuals that lived in self-imposed isolation. Refusing to pledge loyalty to either the old Gods or the new God Thaddeus, they found themselves under assault from both the Thaddeun Church and Elementalists during the reckoning of the human kingdoms. They shocked their assailants with their incredible marital skills, but were eventually forced to flee under from the mounting pressures on their isolated sanctuaries. Now they travel the lands, following anyone with a strong enough weapon arm or coin-purse to restore their abandoned and devastated sanctuaries. Foregoing formal weapons in favor of their fists, monks move and strike with a flowing motion that appears perfectly attuned to the natural forces around them. Monk’s wear flowing runic robes grant them additional mobility while still providing modest armor. Furthermore, in combination with intense focus, these runes allow the Monk to act as a magical and divine conduit that friendly Preachers and Elementalists may utilize.

As magic gradually returns to the land, Elementalists have slowly risen to prominence as individuals intuitively capable of controlling these mysterious elemental forces. Mistrusted and hated by many, some enterprising leaders have overcome their prejudices and taken to employing Elementalists as powerful additions to their armies. Through high wages and personal charisma, many an enterprising general has ensured that their fate does not match that of their former kings; at least not from any Elementalist in their employ. As soldiers, though vulnerable in melee combat, Elementalists are capable of manipulating the elements to vaporize advancing soldiers with a wave of their hands.

Individuals of incredible charisma and divine inspiration, Preachers seeks to spread the word of Thaddeus to all corners of Centaurus and even onto the battlefield. Following the onset of magic and the return of the Old Gods, the established Thaddeun Church was one of the last institutions to fall in the resulting upheaval. Now devout followers bring the faith of their God, Thaddeus, into the battlefield in an effort to stem the tide of magic. Some of these pious individuals decided to join the various generals and leaders seeking to claim the Circles of Power, deciding that a chance of restoring order outweighed the pain of having to share their faith with the old Gods. Standing side by side with their fellow soldiers, their sermons aid their allies, pushing them to overcome the heresy that stands before them.

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