Raising money for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank

From July 30th – 31st, I will be teaming up with the Canadian Food Grains Bank (CFGB) for the Harvesting Hope event. The event will take place at the Threshermen’s Reunion on July 30 – July 31 and as part of the event, $5 from every sale of Crop Cycle will go towards the CFGB. Additionally, any sale made through the online store will also have a donation made. The CFGB has the goal of ending world hunger and in their words:

“works toward this goal by: providing food in times of crisis for hungry people in the developing world; helping people grow more food to better feed themselves and their families; and providing nutritional support to malnourished people with a focus on pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and young children.”

The CFGB has widely established agricultural development and hunger relief programs and fits with the theme of Crop Cycle. We look forward to raising funds and helping the CFGB build a better world!

Local Winnipeg game retailers have stepped up and agreed to the same pledge. $5 from every sale of Crop Cycle sold at Game Knight Games and the After Dark Lounge on July 30th – 31st will also go to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank!

Besides running Convergent Games, I am looking for ways to give back to the world. If you have any suggestions or wish to collaborate on a project, please contact me.

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