Heroes of Centaurus

Amongst the inhabitants of Centaurus, there are those who stand above others in their combat abilities. Whether it comes out of years of training or natural affinity, these individuals represent the pinnacle of the common soldier types. Here you will find information on some of the most widely known individuals in the world of Centaurus.

Prior to becoming the most celebrated Gladiator in the human kingdoms, Goreah’s origins are shrouded in mystery. A popular story is that Goreah was an infamous murderer within the Fenarie kingdom; apprehended only after King Azuald committed a full military detachment to his capture. Facing execution, Goreah is said to have grabbed a nearby woodcutting axe and charged with unbridled savagery into the bewildered soldiers. The story goes that in the blink of an eye, Goreah was cleaving through the squad and shrugging off the few errant arrows that terrified soldiers managed to let fly before succumbing to his fury. While Goreah’s true origins may be forever unknown, none can doubt the horrific ferocity the man brought to the arena. Despite Goreah’s slightly heavier armour and tendency to wield a variety of immense weapons (seemingly as a way to increase the challenge of each fight), the Gladiator is able to move incredibly quickly when fixed on a target and brings a level of brutality to combat that even frightens fellow gladiators. With social order now all but gone, Goreah is now free to do what Goreah does best, kill – and for whoever is offering the greatest rewards for doing so.

Even among Phalanx soldiers known for their hardy constitution and incredible strength, their is one who’s incredible abilities inspire admiration form both friends and foes alike. Always prepared for combat and towering over the average human, it is said that Praxis was born wearing armour; wearing it even while eating and sleeping. Demonstrating a scholarly interest uncommon amongst front line soldiers, Praxis implements a lifetime of military theory on the battlefield with novel tactics make even the greatest of Generals envious. As the human kingdoms now crumble, Praxis now seeks to restore order to the lands and willingly assists any leader deemed capable of doing so. On the battlefield, Praxis’ commanding presence is an inspiration to those around him, allowing soldiers who heed the learned warrior’s advice to become nearly as potent as the great warrior…almost.

Monks strive to achieve perfect balance in all things: body and spirit, strength and agility, physical and emotional. No one embodies these principles better than Zothah, an entity regarded by many common men as a demi-god, though Zothah is quick to dismiss these claims. Zothah’s endless pursuit of perfection through balance has made her an outcast even among monks, who disapprove of Zothah’s distant nature and disregard for gender, social norms, or even worldly events. The fall of the human kingdoms and the subsequent persecutions of monks changed all that however, as Zothah was forced with the rest of the monks into action, even if only in defense. Now Zothah wanders the lands of Centaurus, seeking to restore order to a world in chaos. Though reluctant to use force, Zothah will ally with a leader she feels is capable of accomplishing this. Zotah is a sight to behold on the battlefield, as even before donning an immense pair of spiked gauntlets, the monk was said to be able to strike with devastating force. Combined with fluid and endless motion, the monk weaves in and out of combat effortlessly and strikes in all directions within an instant.

Before the death of King Azuald by a commoner with newly discovered elemental powers, no Monarch had ever been killed by forces not under the direct control of another royal family…save for one. The tale of Cassec was popular among agitators, common folk, and just about anyone unhappy with their place in the old social order. The tale goes that Cassec lived as a hunter and a hermit outside a small village on the eastern edge of the kingdom of Gormond. One day, during the height of a wedding celebration, then Crown Prince Dumoz arrived and seized the bride and several members of the wedding party for a “royal experience” at his castle. Slaying those who attempted to dissuade him, Dumoz was well on his way when his entourage was waylaid by the hermit. Initially mistaking Cassec’s hail of expertly aimed arrows to be a battalion of archers, Dumoz’s regiment died in a combination of shock and horror, as the shadowy figure easily evaded returning fire and unleashed wave after wave of well-placed arrows into their group. When the fighting stopped, Dumoz and his soldiers lay dead while the wedding party wore only the blood of their captors. Cassec disappeared shortly after slaying Dumoz, provoking the Monarch of Gormond to launch the largest manhunt in known history for the elusive hermit…to no avail. Cassec sees the dissolution of the old social order as an opportunity to build a new society free from the past notions of nobility and royal entitlement, and now seeks out the like-minded.

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