The old Gods have awoken and the human kingdoms have collapsed. Out of the ruins of a society brought to the brink, aspiring generals gather loyal followers to achieve ultimate power. Take the mantle of leadership and lead your forces to victory in this game of tactical skirmishes.

Choose your followers carefully from ten intricate units, each with a variety of abilities that will need to be learned and mastered if victory is to be obtained from the hands of your devious opponents. With careful choices, adaptable strategies, and a dash of elemental magic, you can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Victory promises unfathomable magical power while defeat offers no comfort beyond the cold ground…which will you be fated to receive!

Centaurus represents a labour of love three years in the making. From the mind of game designer Trevor Lehmann and featuring the beautiful artwork of Joel Hladky and Chido Ejeckam, this is one game you don’t want to pass up.

The World Of Centaurus

In the ancient times, it is said that all of creation was shaped by four gods. Bal-Kor, the eternal flame; Malicun, the howling wind; Cyrixx, the flowing water; and Fogrin, the stoic clay. Fogrin was said to have been the first to create something out of nothing in the vast emptiness of the void. Tearing off a small piece of his body, he shaped a ball of clay and dirt.Regarding the ball as something new and beautiful, but difficult to see in the black void, Bal-kor added a portion of his flaming essence to the clay and turned it into the radiant Sun we see today. Fogrin and Bal-kor rejoiced at their new creation and for a time it was good.

Soon however, Malicun and Cyrixx grew jealous of their brethren’s creation and attempted to destroy the Sun. Calamity ensued as the four gods carried their conflict across the endless void; however each time the gods struck each other, new and wondrous creations came into being and began to fill the void. Eventually, feeling their strength begin to fade but blinded by their hatred for one another, the four gods gathered their remaining strength and collided for a final time. Their energy spent, the four gods fell through the void until eventually they became embedded in a portion of Fogrin torn off during their struggle. Their impact made the clay teem and crackle with elemental energy, giving rise to many wondrous environments, plants and animals. It is through this collision that magic first came to Centaurus and gave rise to everything we see here today. Over time and long before the age of man, the magic of the four gods began to dissipate and leave Centaurus until all that remained was the site where the gods struck Centaurus. This archaic site still bears strange runic symbols that remained obscure for countless eons…until now.

Now, charismatic Generals lead small bands of soldiers and survive with the one thing the former nobility lacked – absolute loyalty from their soldiers. Hearing rumours of magical energy accumulating in the ancient Circles of Power, generals from across the lands now converge on these sacred sites, intent on harnessing the immense magical reserves to rule over all of Centaurus.

Welcome to the exciting world of Centaurus. As a glorious General, you will strive to control the Circle of Power and with it, the world of Centaurus. Beware however, as other Generals strive to do the same. With tactics, cunning, and a little bit of luck, you will lead your forces to victory and become the supreme leader of Centaurus while your opponents cower at your feet!

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