About Convergent Games

Convergent Games is a Canadian board game publisher situated in the city of temperature ‎extremes: Winnipeg. Founded in 2012 by Trevor Lehmann, we are presently working on two ‎projects: Crop Cycle and Centaurus.‎

Crop Cycle is a fast-paced, farming card game and homage to Canadian Prairie agriculture.

Centaurus is a game of tactical skirmishes set in an apocalyptic fantasy setting.

Totally different games, but that is how we like it!‎

We also deeply enjoy engaging with fans and you find us regularly participating in social media ‎our fans along with regular blog posts and updates via Twitter (@GamesCg), Facebook, Email, ‎etc.

We also like to step outside on occasion. See where we are at, check out our events page.‎

Still curious? Learn more about Trevor Lehmann and check out the Convergent Games Blog

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