Games in Education

Having obtained my Bachelor of Education with experience teaching in daycares and high schools, I appreciate how difficult teachers have it. A huge part of what makes games fascinating to me is bringing games to the educational space. This concept is known as Gamification and involves using elements of games (the kind that keep you engaged and motivated to play for hours) in the educational space.

In creating Crop Cycle: The Game of Competitive Farming, I drew inspiration from my own experiences teaching agriculture and being disappointed with the limited learning resources available. Documentaries are a wonderful device, but a film does not a farmer make!

I imbued Crop Cycle with the learning outcomes of the Grade 10 Geography Curriculum, but was amazed to see kids as young as 6 playing it! Clearly games have a power to bridge concepts and teach learning concepts far beyond the curriculum.

Crop Cycle also supports a policy of inclusion, including patterned borders to make it colour-blind accessible and ensuring that the widest audience possible can play the game.

Please feel free to reach out to If you would like to learn about…

  • Turning subjects into games
  • Integrating games into an educational setting
  • How Crop Cycle can be incorporated into the classroom
  • Running workshops with students about game design and entrepreneurship

Please don’t hesitate to contact me out as I am happy to consult as a game publisher, designer, and a teacher.

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