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Welcome to my blog series on Convention Stories and Strategies.  I recommend checking it out if you are a gamer or a designer and have an interest in:

  1. Promoting a game
  2. Attracting attention to your booth
  3. Communicating with other humans
  4. Laughing at my mistakes!

I have been to many conventions showcasing Crop Cycle and Centaurus. Through these experiences I have catalogued the highlights of my stories and my strategies in the hope that you will learn or at the very least laugh at my stories.

Convention Stories: Humorous highlights from conventions.

  1. Memories of Keycon: Drinking with a Dwarf
  2. Rediscovering Childhood at PAX West
  3. Followers at Games Day

Designer Diaries: Thoughts on Game Design

  1. Not Relying on Memory: The Importance of an Indicator Card
  2. Designing with Materials in Mind
  3. Print and Play Explained in 10 Questions
  4. Maintaining the Creative Edge

Convention Coach: Strategies to help improve your results at game conventions

  1. Surviving the Convention Circuit Diet
  2. Sumo Fights Yoga Instructors…and other hooks to engage with
  3. Move like Agent Smith: Make caffeine work for you
  4. The Law of Gameplay Attraction
  5. Combat Terrible Memory with a Checklist
  6. The Third Wheel: Bringing new players into the Fold
  7. Validating Players and Accepting Feedback
  8. Simple Thoughts on Signs

Please check back regularly as this list is updated regularly!

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